Non-Profit Group Donates Superhero-Themed 3D-Printed Prosthetic Hands to Children


Designer and 3D-printing enthusiast Aaron Brown built a Wolverine-inspired prosthetic hand for e-NABLE, a non-profit group dedicated to making 3D-printed prosthetic hands available to anyone who needs them. Brown showed off the hand at the Grand Rapids Michigan Mini Maker Faire recently. He also points out that the claws shouldn’t be cause for concern. They are made of rounded plastic (not adamantium) and simply attach to the hand with velcro.

e-NABLE also recently donated an Iron Man-themed prosthetic hand to a three-year-old boy in Hawaii.

Iron Man 

 Wolverine Prostethic

Wolverine in action

photos via e-NABLE, KHON2 News

via Nerdist

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