Noise Canceling Headphones for Dogs That Block Out Scary Sounds Such As Thunder or Fireworks

KB of Pawnix has created noise cancelling headphones for dogs that block out scary sounds such as thunder or fireworks.

PAWNIX Noise-Cancelling headset works for many other noises, not just thunderstorms and fireworks. It takes any loud noise and reduces the volume. When dogs wear PAWNIX, the decibel level of loud noises is reduced up to 30 decibels.  That means that loud firework shows become the loudness level of a dyson vacuum, or a running dishwasher.

The headphones pair with a phone or tablet, which allows the dog’s human to control the volume. It can never become too loud for the dog as the headphones have a limiter that remains within safe canine hearing levels.

The volume on the headset is controlled by your paired device.  Connect a tablet and use the volume on the tablet to control the headset.  The headphone do not go above 50decibles.  They have a limiter on the volume.  Our dogs ears are more sensitive to ours, and they hear things more than we do.  We put a limiter on the volume to protect out dogs hearing, and not introduce damaging volumes to our dogs.

KB was inspired to build these headphones when she noticed her dog Emma was having trouble dealing with loud sounds, like many other dogs.

Like many dogs, Emma is scared of all kinds of loud noises.  Alarms, Motorcycles, Thunderstorms, Fireworks, etc. The Journal Of American Veterinary Medical Association reported 30% of dogs suffer from some type of storm anxiety; and 86% of dogs with thunder phobia develop separation anxiety.  

Emma further proved the need for her own set of noise cancelling headphones during a flight.

During the plane’s loading process, the stewardess on the airplane started slamming the overheard baggage compartments to get them to shut over large bags. …Emma jumps a little every time it happens. I was wearing my own Noise-Cancelling headphones, so I decided to try to hold the human headset to Emma’s ears. It was bulky and awkward, but it worked. Emma stopped being jumpy, and settled down and got comfortable for take off.

via Technabob