Cousin Greg From ‘Succession’ Nervously Appears on a Late Night Talk Show For the Very First Time

Making his first apearance on a late night talk show, actor Nicholas Braun (Cousin Greg on Succession) was a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and quite nervously recounted a time when cast member Jeremy Strong (Kendall Roy) took him to a party at an elaborate house in The Hamptons.

It was at this party that Braun came face-to-face with Bill Clinton, the former President of the United States. Braun spent a good thirty minutes talking to Clinton, mostly about Succession. When he related the story on-air, Braun mistakenly called the former President by his first name, much to Colbert’s consternation.

You called him Bill. …you called the President of the United States Bill? And this is the first time you ever met him? I have interviewed him five times. I have spent an entire day with the man. I would never dream of calling a President of the United States Bill! You called him Bill? Did he like that?