Amusing Photos That Show Concerned Dogs Appearing to Question the Photographer’s Sanity

Pet photographer Elke Vogelsang, who created the series “Nice Nosing You”, has put together a really amusing collection of outtakes from various shoots that show the dogs looking at her with concern as if they were questioning her sanity.

With my dog portraits I try to explore the different expressions and characters of dogs. It’s all about emotions and personality. I love the challenge to get funny, silly or sometimes even melancholic expressions. Of course, these are snapshots, a moment in time, captured in a fraction of a second. Often we have our own interpretation of those expressions. The dogs appear to be laughing or smiling or they look sad. Like all dog lovers I’m guilty of humanizing them. But yes, dogs do feel all emotions humans feel, too.But in these cases, when they are in my studio, they were just waiting for the next treat or listening to a crazy sound I made. I usually prefer the pictures, which don’t look like that one portrait the owner would hang on his wall. I like the outtakes, the bewildered, quirky expressions. I found that in some pictures the dog look like they think that the photographer lost her mind.