News Reporters Help Rescue a Baby Dolphin Stranded on a Florida Beach Due to Hurricane Irma

Fox4Now Dolphin Rescue

While reporting on the devastation left in Hurricane Irma‘s wake on Marco Island, Florida, Fox 4 and KJRH reporter Tony Russell and cameraman Dennis Meister teamed up with MSNBC reporter Kerry Sanders to help in the rescue of a baby dolphin who became stranded on a local beach due to the storm surge and low tide. The rescue aired live on local television showing a group of people carrying the young aquatic mammal back to sea. Earlier that day, another larger dolphin had been rescued in the same area.

A Fox 4 crew was live on the scene Monday morning as a group of volunteers worked together to carry a live dolphin back to the Gulf of Mexico after Hurricane Irma passed through the area.

Sanders talked about the condition of the dolphin.

He was exhausted clearly, first laying on the beach and then laying in the surf being tossed about. Needs to get him past — you see where the first waves, i needed to get past of the second waves where they’re breaking. It’s just about that deep in the gulf of mexico. Not much of an undertow, finally released him. Off he went.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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