Tiny Newborn Javan Gibbon Clings Tightly to a Giant Pillow That Has a Blue Rabbit on the Cover

A teeny tiny newborn Javan gibbon named Billy Princess was snugly wrapped up against the elements and clung tightly to a colorful pillow that featured a cartoon blue rabbit that had a carrot in its mouth. Billy Princess was born at the Javan Gibbon Centre in Bogor, Indonesia in early May 2018 and is currently under the care of a keeper while her mum recovers from her birth. Being that the Javan gibbon is highly endangered, this little primate presents a great deal of hope for the future of the species.

An ultra-rare Javan gibbon baby – one of only 2,000 left in the wild – has been welcomed into the world in a positive step for the survival of the endangered species. …Meet our little bundle of joy, Billy Princess, the 10 days old baby gibbon from the couple Bobby and Jolly. Billy was born through a c-section procedure in Javan Gibbon Center and now under the special care of our keeper since her mother is still recovering from the procedure.