New York’s Vocal Acrobat Zero Boy at Chez Poulet

Zero Boy

The amazing Zero Boy is in town from New York. He did a short performance at our Paradise Lost event on Saturday, but if you want to see more of him, check out his show this Saturday, August 4th at Chez Poulet in San Francisco.

Zero Boy, Dr. Hal, Chicken John and Krob at the Chez Poulet Gallery

Saturday, August 4th

Chez Poulet
3359 Army Street @ Mission, San Francisco

9pm, donation requested

Hailing from NYC, Zero Boy explodes live on the Chez Poulet stage. His is a vocal acrobat. A comedian. An impersonator. A genuine, hard to describe original artist. He’s awesome. Everyone’s favorite. He performs a full set of political satire, comedy and a special round of “Stump Zero Boy” audience participation. Also performing Dr. Hal narrating a movie, Chicken John making campaign promises and Krob doing his patented mulit-thingy including but not limited to audio, video, gorilla suits, static electricty, neon signs, broken cassettes, pajamas, half a burrito, the soundtrack from Blade Runner, samples of a raido announcer from a broadcast of high stakes bowling on the radio, clicking noises and the sounds of free speech.

photo credit: Dale Harris