New York Sandwich Shop Proprietor Creates the ‘Donnoli’, a Doughnut and Cannoli Hybrid

Walter Momente, the owner and proprietor of Alidoro, an incredibly popular sandwich shop in New York City, has created the “Donnoli,” a hybrid pastry (like the cronut) that combines all of the best parts of a cannoli and a doughnut. In an interview with Justin Rocket Silverman of the New York Daily News, Walter explained why the combination works.

This is a nice Italian way to make donuts,” says Alidoro owner Walter Momente. “It’s more fluffy and you taste the cream all the way through. …It reminds you of your childhood in a way.

The Donnoli goes for $4.00 and is currently only being sold at Alidoro’s Midtown location.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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