An Incredible Illustrated Print That Captures the Weird and Wonderful Creatures of the New York City Subway

Subway Creatures, the fascinating Instagram account that documents all the weird and wonderful things that happen on the trains of New York City, has partnered with freelance Brooklyn artist David Regone to create a really incredible illustrated print documenting many of these “only in New York” moments.

Included in this poster are several things we’ve posted about in the past, including the annual Improv Everywhere “No Pants Subway Ride”, the subway sofa, a big dog carried in a bag per subway rules, the man dressed as a turkey while eating turkey, “manspreading” and of course, drunk Santas from Santacon.

Subway Creatures Limited edition print is here! All your favorite New Yorkers packed into one commemorative drawing. Be sure to order BIG so you can catch all the details!

Subway Creatures Poster David Regone

Regone also is known for his other incredibly realistic illustrated prints of the NYC subway.