A Fun Social Distancing Bingo Card to Occupy New Yorkers While the City Is on ‘PAUSE’

Brooklyn artist Sarah Butler, who has made several New York City themed Bingo Cards, has created a really amusing, but very appropriate “Social Distancing Bingo Card” for Gothamist that can happily occupy pent up New Yorkers during a state-wide “PAUSE” that requires everyone to stay the f**k home.

Each square requires very little effort and is probably something that gets done anyway, such as “rationing toilet paper”, “stress cleaning” or “reminding a colleague to mute on Zoom”.

New Yorkers have now retreated inside as the city hits PAUSE to slow the spread of COVID-19. What are you all doing in there? We’ve got a pretty good idea. Print out this card or pull it up on one of your screens, and become a winner.