New Hello Barbie Doll Will Use Siri-Like Technology to Play Games, Answer Questions, and Converse With Children

The new Hello Barbie doll by Mattel will use Siri-like technology to play games, answer questions, and converse with children playing with the toy. Hello Barbie will have Wi-Fi capabilities and work with ToyTalk software that has previously been used to create interactive characters in the apps The Winston Show and SpeakaZoo.

A recent video by Chip Chick features the doll being demonstrated by a Mattel representative at Toy Fair 2015 in New York City. In the video, the representative explains how the doll will learn about its owner to become more interactive. The representative also mentions that the company will be able to push new updates and information to the doll.

Although the doll could be an exciting new development in toys, it’s not without some backlash by parents expressing privacy concerns over a toy that listens to their children and shares the information over the Internet with a large company.

via Chip Chick, The New York Times