Navy Pilot Veteran Builds His Three Year Old Son an Incredible Airplane Themed Back Yard Roller Coaster


Oak Harbor, Washington Navy Pilot veteran Scott Brazelton built an incredible roller coaster for his three year old son, Wyatt, after their fun trip to Disneyland. KOMO News reporter Kristen Drew and her cameraman helped capture Wyatt’s excitement as he tested out the complex coaster for the first time.

The coaster wasn’t just about the challenge. Brazelton built it to spend quality time with his son, Wyatt. Brazelton is a Navy pilot and was deployed in the Persian Gulf when Wyatt was born.

“Being in the military, we are gone a lot,” said Brazelton. “It’s a great career, great opportunity but the time at home definitely counts and definitely matters. So this was a way to bring us all together, do something constructive and spend time together doing something fun.” (read more)

via KOMO News

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