Nano Tree, An Elegant Wood and Glass Sculpture Filled With Magnetized Semi-Solid Ferrofluid

Nano Tree

Artist Nicky Nada of CZ Ferro has created the Nano Tree, an elegant red oak wood and glass sculpture filled with semi-solid magnetized ferrofluid that comes with a matching magnet to move the fluid around the glass. While the Nano Tree may look good on a desk or bookshelf, the use of the magnet along the side of the glass can also serve as a relaxing form of stress release. The sculpture comes in three different colors and can be purchased via the CZ Ferro website.

A fascinating characteristic of ferrofluid is its ability to follow the grooves on a magnetized piece of metal. This is the classic, “Magnetized bolt experiment”. It’s incredibly satisfying watching ferrofluid spiraling around the grooves. The passive ferrofluid bud is equally as impressive from an aesthetic point of view. Blending high technology nanochemistry and old-world craftsmanship, the Nano Tree will subtly complement any living or workspace.

Nano Tree Side

Nano Tree Blue

NanoTree Brown

Nano Tree Magnet

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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