Musician Draws Live Computer Art While Playing Piano

Musician GLASYS (Gil Assayas) quite ingeniously draws live MIDI art on his computer while performing on a piano, MIDI keyboard, or other synthesizers.

Assayas explained that he uses CUBASE software to connect one of his various musical keyboards to a computer that draws pictures while he plays a related tune. He also states that he first started doing video game art, but got interested in doing more.

Honestly, I was just gonna make a couple of these video game themed live MIDI art videos but they blew up on TikTok and Instagram and got so much positive feedback that i just kept making them, and so far I’ve made like nine or ten of them.

So far he’s played musical drawings of Pac-Man, Legend of Zelda, an Apple logo, a duck, electric guitar, and even a synthesizer, just to name a few.

via The Awesomer