An Amazing Playlist of the Entire MTV ‘120 Minutes’ Catalog Featuring Over 2,500 Music Videos

Chris Reynolds put together an amazing video playlist featuring every alternative music video that was played on the classic MTV series 120 Minutes. The series first ran from 1986 to 2003 and was resurrected for a short time in 2011. This remarkable archive includes 2,512 music videos and was made with Tune My Music, a service that transfers playlists from other resources to YouTube.

120 Minutes Logo

A full archive of hosts and dates can be found in the 120 Minutes Archive.

Since 2003, we’ve been traveling through time to rediscover and share the legacy of MTV’s 120 Minutes, the classic U.S. TV series that exposed a vast collection of alternative music videos, artist interviews, and live performances to a diverse range of music enthusiasts across several generations.

via Jake Rudh