Mr.B the Gentleman Rhymer Calls on Jay-Z to Drink His Bloody Brandy

“You’ve been nursing that tumbler for half your ruddy life, just it give to me so I can drink it, or I’ll give it to your wife.”

In his latest video gramme, chap hop artist Mr.B the Gentleman Rhymer (previously) calls on Jay-Z to drink his bloody brandy after B noticed the hip hop mogul’s habit of having, but never actually drinking from, a glass of brandy.

The video was animated by Mr.D Willers, and the short but catchy ditty is available to download for free from Mr.B’s Soundcloud page.

A little ode to Mr.Zed’s (Yes, I know it should be ‘zed’, but this is art)
habit of dragging around a large tumbler of the good stuff and never taking a sip.