A Sturdy Steel Backyard Fire Pit Globe With a Detailed Forest Silhouette Design Hand-Cut Into the Side

Mountain Forest Fireball Pit Wood

Mountain Forest Fireball by Orvis is an incredibly sturdy backyard fire pit globe made out of plate steel that oxidizes with heat. The beautifully detailed design features a mountain forest silhouette hand-cut by artist Rick Wittrig into the side of the globe for a creative glimpse into the fire.

An Orvis exclusive, the Mountain Forest Fireball is a steel globe that creates a new dimension and experience around the fire. …The firelight flickers behind the outline of forest and mountains, offering a one-of-a-kind open fire experience. Rain drain at the bottom prevents water collection and the inside is coated with a high temperature-resistant paint.

Mountain Forest Fire Pit

Mountain Forest Fireball Pit Empty

Mountain Forest Fireball Pit Feeding Wood

Mountain Forest Fireball Pit Wood

via The Green Head