A Compassionate Motorist Rescues a Freezing Six Month Old Kitten From the Side of the Road

While out driving in the cold Belarus winter, Slava, the human behind CatPusic noticed a small, lonely bundle of fur perched by the side of the road, covered in snow and ice. Other drivers just drove by, but Slava stopped to investigate. The bundle of fur turned out to be a six month old kitten who was left to fend for herself. Doing what any other compassionate person would do, he brought the kitten home, warmed her up and then took her to the vet. There they determined that while she was healthy, her tail suffered from frostbite and it had to be partially amputated. Despite that one issue, the kitten, now named Nika, is fully recovered and living in a happy home. Slava told LoveMeow about rescuing Nika.

It was very cold, so I wrapped her up in a towel and brought her back to my car. I turned up the heat to full capacity to help remove the frost on her coat…I think that the kitten got lost and ended up in a field with a few trees and she couldn’t find the exit due to heavy snow and did not have the strength to move.

Frozen Kitten Playing Nika

In 2014, the same people found a little black and white kitten in a box at the foot of their stairs in very bad condition. They nursed the kitten back to health, named him Pusic and made him an internet star.

via LoveMeow