‘Mother’s Little Helpers’, A Film by Kestrin Pantera About the Generational Divide in a Dysfunctional Family

Mother's Little Helpers

Mother’s Little Helpers is a feature length film by writer/director Kestrin Pantera (previously) about the generational divide within a dysfunctional family dynamic. When Joy Pride, a dedicated child of the 1960s and an aging Boomer, becomes terminally ill, her adult millennial children come together in an effort to care for their largely absent mother who never did the same for them.

The film is currently available on a variety of streaming services.

Mother’s Little Helpers is a funny, dysfunctional family drama, based on true lies, about how family ties can twist and tear you – and though they may not break you, they might send you to prison. It explores the “OK, Boomer” relationship between the free love generation and those left behind to clean up the mess. Starring Milana Vayntrub (This is Us, Silicon Valley), Breeda Wool (UnREal, GLOW, Mr. Mercedes), David Giuntoli (GRIMM, A Million Little Things), Sam Littlefield (Batwoman), and Kestrin Pantera (Let’s Ruin it with Babies).

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips