A Mother Fox Moves Her Four Pups to the Safety of an Underground Den in an Austin, Texas Backyard

Jane and Dan of Texas Backyard Wildlife have created a wonderful video channel that features all sorts of wildlife that crosses into their Austin yard. Their cameras captured a dedicated mother fox moving her four precious month old pups in the middle of the night into the “Magic Tree Den”, a hollow log that leads to an underground den.

The parent foxes know this den is a safe place for their pups – coyotes can’t get in – and they use it every year. When the adult foxes are not inside with their little ones they usually keep watch outside in the playpen area.

When the coast was clear, the pups moved to the den where they had a wonderful time playing with each other and cuddling with their mother.

They liked to sleep all piled up inside the hollow log entryway and then they made the main area of the den their playground. There’s lots of space there for little ones to run around.

via The Kid Should See This

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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