Wisconsin Man Sets the Guinness World Record For Eating More Than 32,000 Big Macs Over 50 Years

Donald Gorske, a self-described Big Mac enthusiast in Fon du Lac, Wisconsin who set the Guinness World Record in 2016 for the most Big Mac burgers eaten in a lifetime (28,788) has happily broken his own record in 2021 by consuming an incredible total of 32,340 Big Macs just five years later. Gorske stated that he has eaten a Big Mac twice a day for the past 50 years just because he likes them.

I love hamburgers like no other food. I am closing in on 50 years of eating them next year, after eating a Big Mac every single day. This is a McDonald’s Big Mac – it’s the best sandwich in the world! When I like something, I stick with it all the time.

Gorske started eating Big Macs in 1972 and has kept track of every burger he’s eaten.

I keep track of how many big macs I’ve eaten. For one thing, I save the cartons. Another thing is I save all the receipts and I also keep a running count on a calendar. I’ve kept the running count on the calendar since May 17 1972 right up through today, so I can tell you which Big Macs I ate on which day.