Morgan Freeman Plays a Singing Vincent the Vegetable Vampire in 1970s Episode of ‘The Electric Company’

Before the great Morgan Freeman became a legendary actor of tremendous proportions known for his distinctive voice, an entire generation of pre-school kids between 1970 and 1975 remember him as an incredibly talented and versatile performer on the American educational children’s television series The Electric Company. One such character Freeman portrayed was Count “Vincent the Vegetable Vampire”, a singing creature of the night who craved vegetables.

By moonlight I stalk the celery and turn the turnips to pulp. Whatever I may catch, it’s squeezed for juice, and natch, I drink it all down in one gulp. I’m Vincent the Vegetable Vampire. In the nighttime, the tomatoes start to scream. Vincent the Vegetable Vampire. I’ll be sleeping in the garden of your dreams.

Freeman reprised his role as Count Vincent with a song about taking a bath in his casket.