Momentix MotionKit Lets You Build Your Own Custom Rube Goldberg Style Chain Reaction Machines

Momentix Toys has created the Momentix MotionKit, a wonderfully creative assortment of colorful wooden pieces, some with moving parts, that let you build custom “Rube Goldberg” style chain reaction machines. The parts are interchangeable and work well with items from the outside.

Momentix helps people of all ages practice dynamic, improvisational problem-solving through hands-on play. One way we do that is by making super fun, open-ended toys, like our Momentix MotionKit: a wooden set that intuitively interacts with the world around you to create chain reaction machines. With this kit, anyone can practice reimagining everyday objects and experimenting with how they can connect in new ways.

Founders Anna Gilbertson and Alana Aamodt came up with the idea in 2019 while attending Colorado College together in a quest to make physics more appealing to children of any age.

Creativity, collaboration, and curiosity–all critical design skills also associated with improved diversity in STEM–are undervalued in our schools and offices. So many of us (organizations and individuals) have a fear of failure that stunts the growth of truly innovative ideas by stopping creative risk before it happens. The best way for people of all ages to become confident with these skills is to do them in a low-stakes context.

Gilbertson and Aamodt have set up a Kickstarter for MotionKit to help bring the project to life.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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