Moko Moko Mokoletto, A Bubbly Japanese Toilet Candy

In this video, RRcherrypie (a connoisseur of weird Japanese candy) opens a box of Moko Moko Mokoletto, a candy that is mixed in a tiny plastic toilet. The little toilet is first assembled and then flavored powder is added to the back of the toilet with water which activates it. Of course then you drink the bubbly “toilet water” with a small straw because that’s not weird at all. Oh and you can add little stickers to your toilet to give it a face.

A (translated) description from RRcherrypie’s blog:

…Idea of the product is great, taste is OK. Made of toilet put the water from the tank actually is good. Place in Bathroom own Dollhouse of (1/12 scale). Chloro to look at the toilet was clogged …. Head, I keep clean …! Toilet paper on top of the tank RE-MENT. I had taken a place to drink, but because a foam rather than a liquid, it was not able to suck without sound output. I turn the volume down a little because it sounds like the sound suck bubbles through a straw is a flow toilet, but it was not down too much ….



images via Heart

via Yababoon, Tastefully Offensive