Modern Video Games as Classic Little Golden Books

Skyrim Little Golden Book by Joey Spiotto

The Littlest Dragonborn” – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Los Angeles-based illustrator Joey Spiotto (aka “Joebot“) has reimagined three modern video games in the classic style of Little Golden Books. Prints of each design are available to purchase online.

I recently have been really into the artwork of the classic Little Golden Books. There’s something very charming about their simplicity, and yet they are some of the books that I remember most from my early childhood.

As the sun sets on this current generation of video games, I’ve been thinking about some of the classic games that people will still (hopefully) point to years from now and hold them up as games that made a difference, and possibly, for some child out there, Portal or Skyrim will be a memory from their early childhood.

Portal Little Golden Book by Joey Spiotto

The Cake is a Lie” – Portal

BioShock Little Golden Book by Joey Spiotto

Me and My Big Daddy” – BioShock