Missing Sounds of New York, An Immersive Auditory Tour of Familiar Urban Sounds Before NYC Went Quiet

The New York Public Library, in partnership with Mother New York, has created Missing Sounds of New York, a fully immersive album that provides an audio tour of the normal ambience of New York City before it all went quiet. Created as a love letter to its citizens, this familiar soundscape fills in the distinct audio gap of this unusual but temporary city silence.

Each track uses a combination of sounds to create familiar, ambient canvases on which mini-stories are placed: a glass breaking in a bar, a dance performance on the subway, an overly enthusiastic baseball fan. Missing Sounds of New York reminds us of what makes New York so special for so many people.

Missing Sounds of New York is available to stream via Spotify and through SoundCloud.

via Gothamist

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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