Minimalist Series of Geometric Dog Prints by Josh Brill

Pug by Josh Brill

Portland, Maine artist and designer Josh Brill, owner of his personal design label Lumadessa, has created a great minimalist series of geometric dog illustrations for his Flora Fauna collection. Limited edition signed and numbered prints, with multiple size options, are available to purchase from Josh’s online Lumadessa store.

The Flora Fauna collection is a cataloguing of the design identities of plants and animals from around the world. Examining the visual character differences and similarities of species. A field guide of discovery, beginning with birds.

1% of profits are donated to Animal and Environmental charities.

Beagle by Josh Brill

Jack Russell Terrier by Josh Brill

Dachshund by Josh Brill

German Shepard by Josh Brill

Bernese Mountain Dog by Josh Brill

Justin Page
Justin Page

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