Military Truck Turned Into Stylish Tiny Home Overlander

Jenna Kausal of Tiny Homes Giant Journey met with Michael Ladden of Drive the Globe, who converted a 1994 military vehicle into a stylish and spacious tiny home overlander for nomadic living. Ladden explained the design of his converted vehicle, noting that he put most of his storage on the outside so that he could live comfortably. The interior features a full-sized kitchen, a fold-up table, a computer desk, a pull-out bed, and a roomy shower, all sitting beautifully inside 175 square feet.

Mike has spent years traveling the world in custom overlander rvs, and he has perfected the art of converting vehicles to tiny homes. This is his 3rd overlander tiny house, and it happens to be a retired military truck that he’s modified into a modern and surprisingly spacious home on wheels.


via Boing Boing