Tiny Workers Find a Way to Share Christmas Together in a Touching Ad for Migros Supermarkets


In a touching Christmas advert for the Swiss supermarket chain Migros, a tiny worker known as a “Migroswichtel” (imp) who provides the electronic beeps at the cash register found himself alone, stuck under the glass by himself as the store closed and holiday parties took place all around town. Luckily, a forgetful cashier ran back into the store to retrieve her wallet. Upon hearing a recognizable beep, the cashier took a closer look and found the lonely imp sitting forlornly by himself. The cashier freed him from the glass and noticed two other Migroswichtel gathered together at another register, motioning for him to come over so that they could share their Christmas cheer together.

In the new Christmas spot, discover the secret world of the “Migroswichtel” and their biggest wish: a Christmas together

Migros Ad