Photographer Places a Microphone Next to Baby Red Squirrel to Record Their Adorable Eating Sounds

Dani Connor, an “aspiring pro wildlife photographer” in Northern Sweden, very cleverly placed a microphone next to a tiny baby red squirrel. Using the utmost care, Connor captured the adorable yummy sounds that the 7 week old Sciurus vulgaris made while chomping away on a delicious treat.

I put my microphone in front of a 7 week old baby red squirrel.

Connor is in the midst of gaining the trust of this and other baby squirrels from the same litter.

Connor also takes incredible photos of squirrels as they jump high in the air.

I am currently obsessed with red squirrels and recently have been on a mission to photograph them jumping in the air! In my latest video, I show you how I got these photos and my favourite shots from the project!