Metal Artist Crafts an Amazing Steampunk-Styled Prosthetic Arm With an Affixed Working Tattoo Gun

French metal artist JL Gonzal crafted an absolutely incredible steampunk-styled prosthetic arm with a working tattoo gun affixed on the end. Gonzal set about working on this amazing project after receiving the unique request from JC Sheitan Tenet, a tattoo artist in Lyon who lost the lower part of his right arm over 20 years ago and wanted to start using it again for his trade.

(translated) One of my orders, the nicest person in the last few months and to say the least, the craziest, which makes JC Sheitan Tenet, the first tattoo artist in the world to a tattoo with a biomechanical arm! I used one of his prosthesis on which I came to integrate pieces of typewriter, Manometer, pipes… The Tattoo Machine, for its part, is set in such a way as to be able to be adjusted however he likes.

via Motherboard