MetaFly, A Durable, Flexible Flying Robot That Mimics the Movements of a Delicate Insect for Accurate Flight

Inventor Edwin Van Ruymbeke of Marseille, France, who created the furtive Bionic Bird drone, has crafted another biomimetic flying robot called the MetaFly. This highly flexible and extremely durable drone looks and acts like a delicate insect for exacting flight. The MetaFly can be used both outdoors as well as indoors, is crash-proof, has its own dedicated controller and can fly up to 100 meters (320 feet) in wireless range.

It is flexible, light (less than 10gr,) flies with elegant and curves trajectories, or even glides.
It has a more natural and low sound and is totally silent during gliding. It’s resistant against impact. It is intended to enjoy flying like an animal, not to take pictures. …The product has been tested to last over hundreds of flight cycles and it is crash-proofed thanks to elastic materials that are both flexible and robust.

Van Ruymbeke is raising funds through Kickstarter in order to bring the Metafly to market.

While there are always risks & challenges with creating and delivering a brand new product, we’ve minimized them by having the entire process, from production to delivery, already set and arranged. We have already signed agreements with key suppliers and manufacturers, and our prototype has been finalized. We have the required technical expertise when it comes to biomimetic and aeronautic engineering.


Metafly Collage

Metafly Basics

Flying MetaFly

via The Awesomer