Merlin Mann Presents FlockdUp, One of the Worst Websites Ever

By far one of the most popular panels at SXSW Interactive 2008 was “Worst Website Ever: That’s So Crazy, It Just Might Work” organized by Andy Baio. And of course one of the best presentations on the panel was by Merlin Mann on “FlockdUp”, a startup providing Maverick Networking for Thought Leaders. Roo Reynolds shot video of Merlin’s talk and Merlin posted the slides from his talk to SlideShare. is a best-of-breed hosted solution for networking Thought Leaders. Our Enterprise-class suite of tools empowers Topic Experts, Blog Consultants, Marketing Minds, and Social Mediapreneurs to tag, profile, remix, mash-up, *and* monetize every person that they know (or claim to know — we’re not here to judge). We understand that your career is hard to explain, and most people wouldn’t understand it anyway. That’s why FlockdUp does the heavy lifting with robust, integrated applications for connecting you directly to the thousands of enterprising mavericks whose email addresses you’ve collected. That’s right: Leading with Thoughts(tm). Sign-up today for very limited, private pre-Alpha at


Speaking of Merlin Mann, he’s featured on the latest episode of’s “Life Outside the Box”, where he talks to Doug McConnell about one of his favorite places in San Francisco, Stern Grove.