Memoto, A Wearable Camera That Documents Your Life

Memoto is a tiny wearable camera that documents the wearer’s life by automatically taking a photo every 30 seconds (video). The 1.5 inch square, 5 megapixel camera has no buttons or controls, and automatically begins taking photos whenever it is clipped on by the wearer. The photos are tagged with time stamps and location (thanks to built-in GPS), and can be browsed and shared via an iPhone or Android app. The camera’s rechargeable battery allows it to take photos continuously for 2 days (that’s 4,000 photos) before it needs to be connected to a computer for charging and uploading to Memoto’s servers. Memoto’s Swedish designers are currently developing the camera for manufacture. They are pre-selling Memoto on Kickstarter. The camera is expected to ship in February, 2013.


via PetaPixel

photo and video by Memoto

E.D.W. Lynch
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