Memory Champion Demonstrates How to Easily Recall Large Amounts of Information Using Words

Former U.S.A. Memory Champion and author Joshua Foer offers up a tour of his memory palace along with a demonstration of the mnemonic technique for being able to easily memorize and recall large amounts of information such as the first 100 digits of Pi.

This is my memory palace. By putting images inside the space, I can memorize huge
quantities of information, ten decks of shuffled playing cards, lists of hundreds of random words, entire poems and the first hundred digits of Pi. I’m going to show you how the memory palace works so that you can memorize the first hundred digits of Pi. So you can’t just memorize a hundred digits of a random number, most of us are just not going to be able to do that. The technique that I use is called the major system. So by using this code you can convert any number into a word and then into an image that you can visualize in your memory palace.