How Artist Melody Yang Makes Mind-Blowing World Record Bubbles

Melody Yang Makes Mind-Blowing Bubbles

New York City actress and performer Melody Yang of the Gazillion Bubble Show and her family hold numerous world records for their bubble making skills.

When the lights come up at the Gazillion Bubbles Show, it quickly becomes clear what’s going on. Powerful fans blow tiny soap bubbles into the audience by the thousands. Little kids giggle; bigger kids scream. And like a magician, 27-year-old Melody Yang pulls out her wands.

She uses water-based vapor (she calls it “smoke”) to create bubbles that erupt like volcanoes, and some that launch into the air like rockets. She brings kids on stage and makes huge, tubular bubbles that can encase five of them inside. (read more)

Justin Page
Justin Page

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