MC Frontalot Raps About His Fathomless Heartbreak With the World Wide Web in the Song ‘Internet Sucks’

The ever prescient nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot (previously) quite succinctly shares his feelings about the world wide web in the song “Internet Sucks”. In the lyrics, Frontalot fondly recalls the once hopeful promise of said internet in 1989. He also expresses his fathomless heartbreak about how it has devolved into an overcrowded space where hate can explosively thrive.

You used to be a safe home for my nerd heart and my intellect.
Now you’ve got so much hate that you’ve just got to interject.
Now you’ve got too many chefs up in your kitchenette…
And it seems to be this isn’t brand new. Some people have always sucked.
More trolls per capita, probably: 1989 CompuServe. But!
These days, it’s like all the worst people on earth formed a club
just to light ugliness up and take one drag and proceed to stub
it out in my eye by way of my once-beloved internet.
Could a solution lurk that hasn’t been discovered in it yet?

This song is from MC Frontalot’s new album Net Split, or the Fathomless Heartbreak of Online Itself.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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