Perpetual Motion, A Minimalist Music Video Visualizing the Diametrically Opposed Ideas of Stillness and Flow

Filmmaker Nick Cobby partnered with musician Max Cooper (previously) to create “Perpetual Motion”, a minimalist music video that visualizes the diametrically opposed ideas of stillness and movement within a fixed space. The space itself doesn’t necessarily change but for the ongoing flow of individuals who come through that place for any number of reasons.

The idea being that we’re locked in our societal- and nature-driven pursuit of growth and knowledge and more, always more. I had come across some really beautiful ideas for visualising the infinite …I decided to combine these abstract visualisations with stories of us, in our endless activity as part of the systems in which we exist.

The film itself was a commission from Barbican Centre in London, but was filmed at a garden roundabout in Mexico City.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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