Musician Marc Martel Performs a Pitch-Perfect Cover of the Complicated Classic Queen Song ‘Killer Queen’

Musician Marc Martel, whose voice so resembles Freddie Mercury’s legendary sound that it was used in the film Bohemian Rhapsody, performed an absolute pitch-perfect cover of the classic, musically complicated Queen song “Killer Queen”. This song made the most of Mercury’s incredible range with brilliant chord and key changes. Martel tackles it all with expert finesse.

Queen’s breakthrough hit, “Killer Queen” appeared on their third album, Sheer Heart Attack in 1974. I wouldn’t break forth into the world for another 2 years, and the song wouldn’t actually break into my life for another 30-ish years. Yet it endures. This is one of Freddie’s songs that makes me go ‘What in the WORLD is that chord progression?! …It’s just the circle of 5ths, bro.’

The New York Times wrote about Martel’s music and his stunning vocal resemblance to Freddie Mercury.