The Amazing Marble Machine X Plays a Remarkable 30,000 Marbles After a Massive Three Day Tune Up

Martin Molin (previously) of the band Wintergatan and creator of the incredible Marble Machine X, was concerned that his instrument was vibrating too much, causing too many marbles were missing their marks. Molin spent three days studying every angle and determined that he needed to increase mass and structure in order to get the machine playing as he truly wished.

Last week we played 20 000 marbles on the snare drum, but 61 marbles failed. In this video, I’m going to try to fix all the issues that caused 61 marbles to fail, and then I’m going to try to play 30 000 marbles on the Marble Machine X, hopefully with zero fails. Here are all the fails from the last test and here are all the fixes to fix them.

Playing 30000 Marbles Marble Machine X

Once Molin was satisfied with all his repairs, the instrument played with an amazing 30,000 marbles over the course of four hours. During the last five minutes of the test, the instrument six marbles. Molin vowed to perfect the machine for the next challenge.

Look at me smiling there. I’m so happy at this moment; there are only five minutes left of the whole marble test. I’m just preparing the microphone to announce to you the 100 percent reliability, zero fails and 30 000 marbles played, and all of a sudden behind my back I hear a sound.

Here are Molin’s previous tests of 5,000, 10,000, and 20,000 marbles, all of that helped him work his way up to 30,000 marbles.