Man Explains Why He Lives With a Pigeon on His Head in a 1969 BBC Interview

In 1969 BBC News spoke with Mr. Glynne Wood from Stetchford in Birmingham, England, who lives with a pigeon on his head, despite the fact that the bird did not like his wife. Wood explained that he carries the pigeon on his head while running errands about town. While the bird did not accompany Wood to work, the pigeon would always be there when he arrived home.

I put it in the garage and lock the doors and then the following morning when I’m well cleared out of the house my wife opens the garage door and it flies off …when I come home at night it’s waiting for me.

Wood also said that he was not able to make the pigeon go away.

Interviewer: Have you tried to push it off and get rid of it in the first instance?

I did yes about four or five times and it just flew around and came back on my head.

It turns out the pigeon was a pet named Charlie, who was reunited with his humans.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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