Dogs and People React to a Man Wearing an Incredibly Realistic Dog Costume

A Japanese man named Toco donned an incredibly realistic rough collie costume and went for a walk outside, surprising both the dogs and the people passing by. As they got closer, they realized that Toco was human. He wound up making many friends that day.

Dogs and people’s reactions to seeing a realistic dog costume!

Dog and People React to Man as Dog

To make his lifelong dream of becoming a dog come true, Toco turned to Zeppet Workshop, a production company in Japan that makes lifelike animal costumes, animatronics, and digital models. Toco’s collie costume cost about 2 million yen (~$14,000); to him, it was worth it.

I fulfilled my dream of becoming an animal and became a collie!

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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