Man Walks Silently Through the Streets With Hidden ‘Funny or Die’ Cameras to Capture What Was Being Said to Him

An attractive man with light brown hair, clad in a black T-shirt and jeans, silently took to the streets of New York City with hidden cameras to capture what was being said to him. During his 10 hours of walking, he documented “100+ instances of verbal street privilege. This doesn’t include countless “Bud Light Limes“, fist bumps and small business loans that were offered. If you want to help, please do nothing and leave patriarchy in place”. The silent walk was created by Funny or Die News as an amusing but very topical parody of the Hollaback! social experiment in which a woman wore a hidden camera while walking around New York City for 10 hours.

After a video of a woman experiencing over 100 instances of street harassment during a 10 hour period walking the streets of New York City went viral, Funny Or Die News decided to conduct an experiment to see what happens to a white man walking the streets of NYC.