Man Plays Banjo for an Attentive Wild Fox Who Comes Back for an Encore Performance

While Andy Thorn, a talented musician in Boulder, Colorado, was practicing his banjo, a wild red fox had come over to listen to him play. The attentive vulpine sat and listened for a while before getting up to go. When Thorne stopped playing, the fox came over to ask for an encore performance.

When your summer tours end, so you’re testing out some new material on a fox — and they come back for an encore

The fox had previously visited Thorn while he was playing a beautiful 12-string guitar.

Andy Thorn sings old favorite Fox on The Run to a wild fox!

Thorn told Americana UK that the fox provided him with a great deal of inspiration and feedback.

 The fox provided constant feedback.  Sometimes he was kind of a snob.  He would’ve preferred for all the songs to be about him,

Thorn and his wife Cecilia even wrote a song about the fox during lockdown.

We wrote a song about this little dude, and how he’s our best quarantine buddy.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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