Man Shows How He Hides Objects in His House

Comedian Alex Falcone, who previously recreated his apartment out of LEGO inside an empty TV stand, quite hilariously shared the various hiding places for all sorts of random objects he has around his place.

Each of these hiding places looked like another object that stored objects. This included a leatherbound notebook to hide allergy medicine, a book about baseball to hide a tiny baseball, a permanent marker that hides a smaller permanent marker, a giant bolt that hides more allergy medicine, a fake Dr. Pepper can that hides even more allergy medicine, and a fake can of tire foam that hides his motion sickness medicine.

The pièce de résistance is a fake Shakespeare tetralogy that hides a fake can of peaches that hides a fake rock that hides a key to a fake dictionary safe.

And this just looks like four Shakespeare B-sides together but if you pull out the bottom there’s actually a can of peaches. But the can of peaches is fake and inside is a rock. But that rock is fake, it’s a hide-a-key and that key is perfect for opening the dictionary, which is secretly a metal safe and inside I put the Dr. Pepper, the tire foam, and the pages from the Shakespeare books, and the peaches, which I’m allergic to.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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