A Man Dressed as 12-Foot CVS Receipt Attempts to Use the Coupons on His Costume at His Local CVS

Talented landscape photographer Jeremy Schneider dressed up as a 12-foot long CVS Pharmacy receipt for Halloween, walked into his local CVS Pharmacy to buy candy for trick-or-treaters and proceeded to redeem the coupons on his costume, much to the amazement of the laughing cashier.

For Halloween I dressed as a 12 foot CVS receipt, then went to CVS to buy some Halloween candy. …I made the costume by going to CVS and buying a single pack of Altoids and ended up with a super long receipt. I then scanned it into Photoshop (Here’s the image), cut it up into 42 individual squares which I printed on 8.5×11 paper, then cut and taped together with packing tape. Then I glued the whole thing onto poster board and taped four yard sticks on the back to keep it erect. It took about four hours. Here’s a pic of the final product. It doesn’t get too dirty! I wore it to three parties over the weekend, then to work today, then to the CVS and it still looks good. I’ll probably hold onto it and give it to someone next year! I doubt the coupon will work again… I’m sure CVS has figured out that trick!