Touching Film About a Talented But Anxious Man Who Creates Tiny Stage Performances With Action Figures

David’s Voice” by Chad Carbone and Graham Hill, is a truly touching, thought provoking short film about David Worobec, a classically trained vocalist who, despite his remarkable talent, has trouble finding his place in the world. With the help of his dedicated mother, Worobec creates masterfully elaborate miniature stage performances with action figures specifically cast for the story.

Worobec also writes the stories, provides the voices for the figures, sings beautifully and handles all of the stage work, an arduous undertaking he handles with ease. The film tries to reconcile the extroverted brilliance of Worobec’s plays with his discomfited, introverted manner and inability to live outside the world he’s contrived for himself.

Not content to play merely one character, he sings and performs every part with the help of an ensemble of action figures he’s carefully cast in each role. Through a series of intimate performances and conversations with David, his mother and others close to him, there emerges a portrait of an artist searching for his place in life.

via Vimeo Staff Picks