Curious Man Contacts Every Country’s Embassy to See If They Would Send Him Their Flag For Free

Spaghetti Road, who makes videos about anything he thinks “is interesting”, wanted to expand upon his international flag collection. He decided to contact every country’s embassy to see if they would send him their flag for free. Since there was no database available, he built one himself.

So clearly there is only one easy way to get flags. Just ask every country directly for a flag. I figured there were two ways to contact them. One is: their foreign representations, such as their embassies and consulates abroad. A second is their internal governments especially their ministries of Foreign affairs, tourism and culture. Well, to ask them I needed their emails. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a single list anywhere of all these emails, so I had to compile it myself. I wanted to minimize my manual labour so I wrote a python script to help me collect these details.

While not every country (or state) responded, a great many did.

Some quick statistics: In terms of the UN 143 out of 193 countries responded to my email. 89 UN countries said they have sent or would send me something. Where I have currently received from 77 of them. In terms of states, territories and unrecognized countries there was 21 sending me flags.

Every countrys embassy flags results

How I asked EVERY countrys embassy for flags

Spaghetti Road posted several follow up videos about what happened after he requested the flags.