Man Arrested Because a Best Buy Cashier Had Never Before Seen a Two-Dollar Bill

In a somewhat maddening clip from the fascinating film The Two Dollar Documentary, business owner Mike Bolesta, who usually had two-dollar bills on hand, decided that he would pay Best Buy for a car stereo installation, which was supposed to be free, with this lesser known form of currency. Neither the cashier nor the attending police officer had ever before seen a $2 bill, so Bolesta was taken to jail and wasn’t released until the Secret Service confirmed that the bills were actually real currency.

Some people don’t know that two dollar bills are real, so when Mike Bolesta used over 50 of them to make a purchase at a Best Buy store, an encounter with the police and Secret Service ensued. In this clip from The Two Dollar Bill Documentary, see the story of what happened when a cashier was unsure of the quirky currency.