‘Mad X-Men’, A Clever Parody That Shows What Happens When The X-Men Try To Tame Don Draper

Mad X-Men“, a very clever parody created for Quiznos‘ entertainment channel “Toasty TV“, shows what happens when various members of The X-Men team try to rein in the perpetually reckless Don Draper from Mad Men. Needless to say, with these superheroes around, Don doesn’t get to bully people in the way he’s used to.

Peggy it’s not about an appliance. When a man walks into his kitchen in the morning he doesn’t see a toaster, he sees an opportunity a chance to escape the monotony of his life. He knows that when he puts a piece a bread in that magical aluminum box, it will come out transformed – better. He becomes the master of his own destiny. That is what every man wants, not this drivel. Stop wasting my time until you understand what we do here and trying try harder…I mean FANTASTIC work, great job thank you.

via Ross Marquand